Weight Loss Supplements or Fad Diets English homework help

Weight Loss Supplements or Fad Diets English homework help

Weight Loss Supplements or Fad Diets{ two pages apa format

For this assignment you will choose either a dietary supplement or a fad diet that is meant to help people lose weight quickly. After researching your topic, answer the following questions.

Keep in mind that depending on the product you choose, a supplement or a diet plan, you may not be able to answer each question exactly. Answer the questions as best as you can for the product you have researched, but remember – limited information will probably result in a reduction of points.

Also remember that fad diets are those that tend to come and go and do not teach people how to eat nutritiously. They tend to have a “new way of eating,” or a “way to help you not feel hungry so that you can eat a very unhealthy low calorie diet” that will cause quick weight loss.

For this reason, do not use Weight Watchers as a “fad diet.”

What is the name of the product?

Who is the target audience for this product?

How is the product typically marketed? Give examples. (Infomercials, testimonials, celebrity endorsements, or a combination of different marketing strategies)

Who owns the product? (Private corporation, foreign country, pharmaceutical company) If you cannot locate an owner, find who it was that started this product or the history of how it got started. List your sources of information.

How popular is this product? How many annual sales are there, or how many people typically take it? Be sure to indicate your sources for this information. If you cannot locate annual sales, list other statistics or information you have found about this product. List sources of information.

What are the specific results that are supposed to occur when a person uses this product? List your sources where you found this information.

Is there actual, credible research available that supports the statements that this product will provide the intended results? Is there any research that indicates these intended results will last for more than a few weeks? In other words, will the weight loss stay off, or will the person gain the weight back again? Describe this research and the results.

Describe and explain any research that you found that either supports or criticizes this product and its effectiveness. (Your description should be at least one to two paragraphs in length. Be sure to indicate your resources for this information.)

Does the packaging or commercial marketing indicate warnings, problems, conditions, or dangers that might occur when taking the product? If so what are they?

According to the research you found, have any people suffered negative side effects, or death after taking this product? If so, what were the side effects and how many people were affected? Indicate your sources for this information.

Have you ever used this product? If so, what were your results?

If you have not used it, would you ever consider using it? Why or Why not?