The Crucible of Empire –

The Crucible of Empire –


Follow the instructions,

Sets up and responds fully to topic. Develops argument that takes account of complexities within and/or multiple perspectives on the problem, issue or question. Conveys sense of significance regarding issue—why it matters, for whom.

Demonstrates a detailed knowledge of course materials. Draws on variety of relevant texts
(readings, videos, etc.). Brings support from these materials to develop arguments/illustrate points. Use of materials demonstrates writer has read carefully, thoughtfully, and with attention to interconnections.

Analyzes, interprets and draws conclusions from course materials. Writer demonstrates critical engagement in the analysis as s/he considers implications, speculates,
poses questions, examines assumptions, etc.. Well-selected quotations (and other uses of
course materials) are explained and analyzed to show how these support the point the author is making.

Thesis argues a specific position. Maintains focus and develops logically from point to point (flows). Language conveys meaning with precision and clarity. Observes conventions of standard edited English in spelling grammar, and punctuation. Provides appropriate documentation for sources.

USING MLA FORMATTING. No more than 1250 words!

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