Rick Dr Keller English homework help

Rick Dr Keller English homework help

You are the Highland School News publisher and need to write a summary of the interview with Dr. Keller (sections 1-5). Write a paragraph that summarizes and concludes the main ideas from the interview. Avoid including details that are too specific.

1 Rick: Dr. Keller, would you please tell us where you work?
Dr. Keller: I work at a manatee rescue center in Florida, where our goal is to nurse injured or sick manatees back to health and return them to the wild. Before we do this, we insert a tracking device into each manatee, so we can monitor it. This enables us to ensure that the manatee remains healthy and is doing okay on its own.

2 Rick: What is it like at the manatee rescue center?
Dr. Keller: The manatee rescue center is an incredible place that was designed especially for manatees. It has several treatment pools where we place injured or sick manatees, so we can easily access them. The center also has a large-animal x-ray machine and an operating room. The rescue center also has a cafeteria for the employees with cool manatee artwork on the walls.

3 Rick: Are any of the manatees brought to the center cubs?
Dr. Keller: Yes, the center treats many orphaned cubs. We initially feed them using a bottle until they are old enough to eat solid food. Then we feed them Romaine lettuce and other vegetation.

4 Rick: What can people do to help manatees in the wild?
Dr. Keller: People in boats should travel very slowly. If they fish, they should be sure to remove discarded fishing line from the water. They should not pollute the water or feed manatees. If they see an injured or a sick manatee, they should call the center right away.

5 Rick: What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a manatee veterinarian?
Dr. Keller: Take many science courses in school and spend time volunteering at a manatee rescue center.