Research Paper Foundations of Risk Management writing homework help

Research Paper Foundations of Risk Management writing homework help

Topic: operational risk management inside the marines

Each student will be required to submit a short 5-7 page term paper for the course. The paper will be due by Week Fifteen and comprises 25% of your total grade. When working on your paper students should note the following:

  • The paper should be on a topic relevant to the course and related course material.
  • The topic for your paper should be focused and specific. (For example, ‘something about US threat assessment’… will simply not do. It is too broad and vague a topic to be properly covered in so short a research paper. Try and keep the focus as narrow as possible. For example; How the War on Terror will adversely impact the US threat assessment process over the next 10 Years. This is relative to the course and much more specific with a point/argument to prove.
  • Citations for the paper will be left up to each student’s discretion as long as you remain consistent throughout.
  • Make use of the Library Resources links at your disposal. Avoid use of non-accredited sites that are subject to faulty information (i.e. Wikipedia) for factual/statistical based citations.
  • Try and write a paper that seeks to prove a point or support a position. Simply providing a regurgitation of facts or descriptive analysis is NOT the point.
  • Times New Roman; 12 point font; 1.5 line spacing saved as a Word document.

**Any questions feel free to reach out to me.

**I prefer this to be in MLA format but can be in APA.