research paper

research paper

I will download the Abstract and the References (ten references), and you will have to do the rest of the research paper based on that abstract and references.

Note: I don’t need any changes in abstract and references.

Quid Lines:

The paper should cover the following areas: Table of Contents, Abstract & Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Analysis, Findings, References.

A 12 – 14 – page, double-spaced 10-font, Times New Roman, publishable paper with a minimum of 10 (ten) references.

1. The paper should be written using the APA style. It must reflect your understanding of the topic, ideas, opinions, perceptions.

2. You should use library resources, technical books, and/or authentic web-based resources to support your opinions.

You must include at least 3 (three figures and/or tables in the paper. Each figure / table must have an appropriate caption with a brief description. (Each figure caption must be placed below the figure in the format, Figure 1:….. Each table caption must be placed above the table in the format, Table 1:…).