presentation about decision making 1

presentation about decision making 1

Each class member is required to complete one (1) word-processed current event summary. Please select your current issues from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, or similar business oriented publications. The event must have happened within the last year and be relevant to the organizational behavior material presented in the course on the respective week. You will be presenting the components listed below to the class and will be leading a class discussion on the topic (for approximately 20 minutes). Dates for your presentation will be determined on the first day of class.

At a minimum, the paper and presentation should include the following elements:

1. Statement of the main idea(s) of the article.

2. List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea(s).

3. Identify holes in the main idea(s) and its supporting arguments.

4. What is a good counter-argument to the basis of this article?

5. Discuss behavioral theories that are applied in this article.

The paper (2-3 pages) must be word-processed in APA format.

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