Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation

Each student is required to answer each of these questions in essay format in bullet style so that each response is easily identified and understood. Additionally, the student will create a PowerPoint presentation that exudes graduate level higher order thinking and rationale delineating each of the factors in the assignment. The PowerPoint presentation should include illustrations as well as references (MINIMUM 12 slides). The assessment is: Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test – 2

1. What is the purpose of the assessment – provide a comprehensive overview of the assessment?

2. What are the qualifications to administer the assessment?

3. What are the appropriate demographics for the assessment?

4. What are the strengths of the assessment?

5. What are some of the weaknesses/limitations of the assessment?

6. What would be some other appropriate assessments to administer along with the featured assessment?

7. What would be some inappropriate assessments to administer along with the featured assessment? Why

8. How is the assessment standardized?

9. What types of safeguards are in place to ensure validity?

10. What is your objective opinion of the assessment?