Operations Management business and finance assignment help

Operations Management business and finance assignment help

Select one of the key concepts from the module noted below and use it as the focal point of the paper. Be sure to identify the name of your selected firm.

  • Describe a mission and strategy statement for your selected firm. What is the difference between and importance of these two statements?
  • Assess three strategic approaches to competitive advantage. Which approach does your selected firm use, and why?
  • Discuss the significance of key success factors and core competencies. Why would leadership move away from the core competencies of the firm?
  • Explain how to use the factor rating to evaluate both country and outsource providers. Apply your responses to your selected firm.
  • Compare the four global operations strategy options. How can the leadership of your selected firm use the operations strategy options to improve profits?

Base your research on a current scholarly, peer-reviewed source that addresses the same topic as the outcome you have selected.

Minimum 300 words

At least one source in APA format.