midterm essay political science homework help

midterm essay political science homework help

This assignment requires students to develop an argument in response to ONE of the following prompts focusing on key concepts and theories presented in the first half of the course. Essays that address more than one prompt will receive 0/100, with no option for resubmission.

1) Which of the three major theories of international relations introduced in this class—realism, liberalism, or constructivism—best accounts for the extended period of relative peace (i.e. the absence of major interstate war) between the great powers since the end of World War II?

2) How useful is Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” thesis for explaining the current conflict in the Middle East involving ISIS?

3) How useful are the “rationalist explanations for war” developed by Fearon for understanding the causes of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, as compared to explanations stressing domestic politics and/or identity?

4) To what extent are difference feminists correct in arguing that the world would be more peaceful if more states were led by women?