ISOL534 Cumberlands E Commerce Firm Application Security Discussion –

ISOL534 Cumberlands E Commerce Firm Application Security Discussion –


For your paper,

You will imagine that you have been hired as an Application Security consultant for an e-commerce firm, where you will be assessing the needs for an Application Security to solve their problem with a lack of Application Security with their enterprise applications.

The organization wants a solution that deals with OWASP 2017 Top Ten Risks as they have issues with every category.

You will:

  • Identify a targeted business problem (e-commerce scams) that can be supported by an Application Security solution.
  • Write an Application Security solutions document that uses Application Security methodologies to solve a problem.
  • Provide an overview of an Application security solution you propose to implement based on a problem of your choosing.
  • Your audience for this presentation will be senior executives for the company who will decide whether to sponsor and support the project.
  • The Research paper will be written using the APA style with at least 25 references (20 of which must be peer-reviewed) and contain at least 18 pages.

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