help with paper 10

help with paper 10

1. A clear and concise thesis statement that you are attempting to prove in your research essay, along with sufficient background information for readers to understand your claim.

2. Well organized essay that includes logical organization, support for the thesis in the form of sub-claims and counterargument, using evidence to support claims from at least 8 credible, academic sources, including scholarly books and journal articles, reference sources, our course textbook, and primary sources that provide the actual text of myths/legends you’re working with. Evidence must be explained and must not overpower your own claims and analytical or critical thinking work. Quoted and paraphrased evidence does not count toward the 1800 word minimum or against the 2000 word maximum, so your paper will probably end up being close to ten pages double spaced and formatted in MLA style.

3. A work cited page in MLA style that cites all sources you have referenced in the text of the paper.

You should have the stuff we already worked on if you need it sent to you again let me know thanks.

I need 6 pages done by April 3rd please.