Graduate HRM Short Essays writing homework help

Graduate HRM Short Essays writing homework help

Need these 8 questions answered in APA format, 3 references for the whole paper. This is GRAD level work.

1. Describe the four levels of evaluation that make up Kirkpatrick’s evaluation framework. Identify one example of data at each level that might be collected to provide evidence for the effectiveness of a class or training programs in which you have participated.

2. What do the CIPP and Brinkerhoff models of evaluation add to what is missing from Kirkpatrick’s model? What benefit, if any, is there to viewing evaluation in this way?

3. Compare and contrast Kirkpatrick’s original evaluation framework to the Expanded Kirkpatrick Evaluation Framework presented in the text. What is similar, and what is different about them?

4. Using information in the appendix, Compare and contrast experimental and quasi-experimental research designs. Is one type of design superior to the other? Support your answer. This can be found at:,+if+any,+is+there+to+viewing+evaluation+in+this+way?&source=bl&ots=sJrUM6gXFL&sig=1cWnhpr4BK6DxGAZeeXn7cv_D5E&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZ3fmAlYfTAhWNdSYKHd0ADHcQ6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q=What%20do%20the%20CIPP%20and%20Brinkerhoff%20models%20of%20evaluation%20add%20to%20what%20is%20missing%20from%20Kirkpatrick’s%20model%3F%20What%20benefit%2C%20if%20any%2C%20is%20there%20to%20viewing%20evaluation%20in%20this%20way%3F&f=false. page 241 starts the Appendix 7-1.

5.What is meant by the term “onboarding?” Is this different than orientation? If so, how so? If not, why not?

6. Why is role ambiguity, role conflict, and role overload detrimental to the success of individuals and an organization?

7. Why might some managers resist using a realistic job preview (RJP)? What evidence could you offer to convince suck managers to use on?

8. Which two aspects of an orientation program do you think are the most important in socializing new employees? Support your choices.