Final Project Presenting the Project Plan writing homework help

Final Project Presenting the Project Plan writing homework help

Presenting the Project Plan

Your imagined organization is working through a scenario that can benefit from training or instruction. Your role in this Final Project is to solicit support from the Board of Trustees, School Board, or similar body. You will use your work in each week and subsequent peer and instructor feedback to develop your justification in the form of a written report.

Your report will include:

  1. Description of imagined organization (Week One)
  2. Job description for the instructional designer (Week One)
  3. Description of scenario requiring assessment (Week Two)
  4. Justification for choice of needs assessment model (Week Two)
  5. Evaluation of elements of the instructional system (context) to be considered (Week Two)
  6. Creation of learning objectives for identified need (Week Two)
  7. Construction of a completed learner analysis (Week Three)
  8. Description of a learning styles model relevant to scenario or justification for not applying a learning styles model (Week Four)
  9. Suggestion of instructional strategies based on instructional analyses (Weeks Three and Four)
  10. Suggestion of motivational strategies based on learning type (Week Five)

Each element should include revisions based on peer and instructor feedback from discussions and assignments. With the exception of the job description, write in complete sentences in paragraph form. Include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion that summarize your main points. Use and cite at least three different course materials as scholarly sources for support.

The Final Project should be formatted according to APA style, though such formatting will probably not be used within design plans outside of this academic environment. The report should be at least nine but no more than 12 pages (not including title and reference pages) of text using Times New Roman, 12-point font, with double-line spacing and one-inch margins on all sides. The title page and references page do not count toward the total page count. This assignment will be the first artifact that you add to your BAID ePortfolio.

***All previous works will be uploaded along with instructor feedback to help make this better***