Ethical Autobiography writing homework help

Ethical Autobiography writing homework help

Module 2 (OL) Short Paper 2 – Ethical Autobiography

Write a 300-400 word paper describing your understanding of the origin of the values you hold important. Describe your ethical beliefs.

Compare your experiences with one of the “archetypes for adults” in Chapter Two (the bargain, the good twin bad twin, or the quest).

Explain the roots of your ethical beliefs, where they came from, how you were influenced, whether any particular events in your life greatly impacted your beliefs. Remember, this story is about you, so you may write in first person.

Have your ethical beliefs undergone any major changes? If so, describe what they were and why they changed. This exercise is designed to get you to dig deeper for these answers. Knowing your ethical self now will help you as you move through this class.

Be precise and clear in your writing, and be sure to follow the attached rubric for this assignment.

Provide an APA title page with a Running head for this assignment, and provide a separate reference page for the textbook.

View the grading Rubric for Topic of Choice Presentation by going to Grades > Select the Assignment > then select “Show Rubric” in the upper right.