Elevator Speech business and finance homework help

Elevator Speech business and finance homework help

Create an elevator speech, I am going to school to become a paralegal. An elevator speech, or elevator pitch, is a brief but powerful summary that describes an individual’s professional background, business, or product. The pitch is similar to a 30 second commercial that is used to grab the listener’s attention and leaves them wanting to hear more.

Critique the elevator speech below and discuss the following questions in your critique:

I am a Student of Medical Administration, I am developing and furthering my knowledge of directing, supervising and evaluating work activities of nursing, technical, clerical and other medical personnel. I am currently getting my Associates at Rasmussen and on the job training at Thedacare, I am very detailed oriented and I communicate very well. I hope that after graduation you might consider me an asset to your team and bring me on full time.

  • How is networking in person different from utilizing Social Media?
  • How could you use an elevator speech in social media?
  • Why is effective communication essential?
  • Why is proper etiquette important both in person and online?

Please make sure to answer all questions in your critique.