EDUC634 Liberty University Authentic Biblical Assessment Discussion –

EDUC634 Liberty University Authentic Biblical Assessment Discussion –


200 word min reply with references to include biblical reference.

An authentic assessment can be contrasted with conventional test questions. These test questions are often indirect measures of a students ability to apply knowledge and skills gained in a course. Authentic assessments should be used in the science classroom because authentic tasks require justification of the solutions to problems encountered and science challenges a range of skills and knowledge used in coordination. A authentic assessment has advantages over conventional test because authentic assessments involve real world tasks which are more interesting for students and motivating. Authentic assessments in science class can provide specific and usable information about what the student have succeeded in learning as well as what they have not learned.

The importance of components of a science lesson plan is inquiry which is science is the process of thinking, learning, participating. Once the problem is established the students begin with questions. The student begins the hypothesis which is why and what the student thinks. then the procedure of steps occur. The student has results from their procedures in science lesson. The student develops an conclusion to their work. The lesson plan the teacher plans must be completely thought out to ensure the student is learning what is to be learned from the science lesson.

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