discussion board 112

discussion board 112

Hello, everyone

This is your Discussion Forum_04 . This session is about the Late Adulthood stage.

Please, base on your readings, answer one (1) of the following questions in a paragraph format (8-10 sentences).

1- When elderly people live with their children, there may be adjustment problems and concern over how their grandchildren are being raised. Is this true or false? Why?

2- Social support plays a critical role in successful aging. Is this true or false? Why?

3- In late adulthood, time spent with friends is often more highly valued than time spent with family. Is this true or false? Why?

  • Please, after posting your comments in a paragraph format (8-10 sentences), respond at least to two (2) of your peers 5-6 meaningful sentences.
  • When responding to your peers, you must type the student’s name you are currently responding to and make reference to his/her comments on the topic in a very meaningful way.
  • By doing so, your assignment will be graded with the maximum grade.
  • Do not forget to read the discussion board rubric to understand the grading criteria.
  • The rubric is located under your Syllabus or under the Introduction section.