Creative Project Assignment Sheet communications homework help

Creative Project Assignment Sheet communications homework help


A primary focus of this course is the way in which consumers make use of and derive meaning from music commodities in both traditional (records, cassettes, CDs) and digital formats (mp3s, cloud services, streaming services). This assignment asks you to engage with one of these meaning-making activities yourself in order to reflect on how particular technologies shape the way we make use of music commodities. After creating your project, you will 1) write a short reflection on the process in which you engage with course themes, and 2) give a short presentation about your project to the class.

Possible projects could include:

  • Use a streaming platform such as Spotify, 8tracks, etc. to create a digital playlist of your favorite songs, songs that engage a particular theme, songs to accompany a certain type of activity; add metadata such as images, a description of the playlist, hashtags, etc.
  • Use the shuffle feature on your mobile music player or computer’s music player for an hour a day for one week. Keep a log of what songs are played and how you reacted to them (did the music complement or contradict your mood? were certain artists played too often? etc.)
  • If your music collection exists primarily as digital files, develop a system to catalog your collection using some form of spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.). Decide on which metadata to include in the spreadsheet (artist, album, year, bitrate, etc.).


Written reflection (2-3 pages):

  • Briefly describe your project (how you created it, what technologies and materials you used, why you chose this project)
  • Referring to at least two course readings, reflect on the process of creating your project and how it relates to course themes (for example, did the technology you used constrain the ways you could make use of the music commodity, and if so, how does this relate to the theme of control over the music commodity?)
  • Double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, one-inch margins on all sides