Complete Human Health Pamphlet on Dietary Supplements health and medicine homework help

Complete Human Health Pamphlet on Dietary Supplements health and medicine homework help

Utilizing the following website complete the assignment below.

Create a pamphlet/brochure using the Brochure Builder or a software program that designs brochures (e.g., Microsoft Publisher). Please do not write an essay, as the student must submit a pamphlet/brochure to earn credit (see below for further details). The Brochure Builder creates a two page document that has three panels per page. Each panel should contain sufficient information to address the assignment criteria. Include the following details:

Describe the use, benefits, and risks associated with dietary supplements.Include the following details:

  • A title.
  • What are dietary supplements?
  • What are some benefits of taking dietary supplements?
  • What are some risks from taking dietary supplements?
  • What are the government regulations surrounding dietary supplements?
  • Choose a health condition, and discuss a specific supplement used to treat and manage the condition. Analyze the supplement facts label for this supplement.

Include a reference with citations in APA format.

Include clip art and a background image.

Save the pamphlet/brochure as a PDF to your computer. The Brochure Builder program will prompt you to save the file as a PDF when you are done creating the brochure.

SIDENOTE: Common concerns and additional information: The Brochure Builder is highly recommended. However, you may use an alternative brochure/pamphlet program if the software creates an actual pamphlet. Do not use MS Word if you only write an essay, as you must create a pamphlet to earn credit. One alternative program is Microsoft Publisher, which allows the user to create pamphlets. Please remember a pamphlet or brochure is not intended to include lengthy details and is commonly used in industry to briefly inform customers of important aspects of a product or program. For example, within the health and nutrition field, pamphlets are used to inform patients of specific information regarding nutritional programs. The brochure is used to generate patient/customer interest in a nutritional topic or program by only highlighting the key aspects and not bombarding the patient with lengthy details found within a research report or book. The goal of using a pamphlet is hopefully to encourage patients or customers to research the topic or program further by talking to their doctor or nutritionist about the information.