Cognitive Development and Learning psychology homework help

Cognitive Development and Learning psychology homework help

Share an additional strategy that the teacher used to enhance cognition that your peer did not mention. In addition, suggest an activity that families could use at home that would reinforce the strategy that teacher was using in the video. Please write 4 sentences or more.

Cognitive Development and Learning…

* A Kindergarten teacher helps their students to learn about the letter S (Pasley & Shields, 2011).

Discuss three different strategies the teacher used during the lesson to enhance cognition. Some ideas include memory, social/emotional needs, cognitive skills necessary for different academic areas, or the characteristics of effective classrooms.

The teacher in the video “S” is for Scarecrow used many different strategies during her lesson to enhance cognition. The teacher used memory/recollection by asking the students if the remember what the letter of the week was and what sound it makes. She reinforces the concepts of letters and sounds through repetition and by also having the students provide different words that mean the same thing but start with the letter of the week. Most importantly, the educator has her lessons well planned out and asks questions that reinforce the concept but at the same time relates to personal experiences and real-life situations to better make connections.

Examine how the three strategies influence cognitive development.

“The experience of schooling positively impacts children’s cognitive development in broad areas like planning, decision making, and memory” (Farrar & Montgomery, 2015, p. 11.1). Many domain-general cognitive processes like planning and decision making that we depend on throughout our lives are also influenced in school (Farrar & Montgomery, 2015). “One way the experience of schooling promotes memory development is found in the approach teachers use when they instruct children” (Farrar & Montgomery, 2015, p. 11.1). For example, the teacher in the video prompted the children to remember information such as the letter of the week, what sound it makes, and a song that uses the letter sound. She also used the strategy of having pictures available on her word of the week board that correlated with the letter sound. Having this board is up all week long for children to reference during the course of the day. Having a plan, repetition, and “the frequency of teachers’ memory prompts and discussion of memory strategies has been linked to better memory performance and strategy use” (Farrar & Montgomery, 2015, p. 11.1).

Explain how the teacher could continue to reinforce the cognitive abilities of their students after the lesson.

I think the most important thing the teacher needs is to have a goal in mind to work towards. She needs to know what kind of differentiation she will use as some of her students will immediately grasp the concept ahead of everyone else, some will be right on track, and others may struggle. She needs to have a plan of action in mind so not to hold her advanced students back, to keep he on track students engaged and learning at a steady pace, and to support her learners that may be lagging behind so that they do not become overwhelmed. The teacher could reference back to the lesson she just taught in her new lesson to have children recall information they have learned. The teacher may choose to have the advanced learners engage in independent work during a review. She may also want to break into small groups so that she can work more closely with her slower learners. I also think that it is important to engage in fun activities to keep the children interested and engaged. The teacher could have a scavenger hunt where the students find something in the room that starts with the letter sound and bring it to the circle rug. Once everyone is seated, they can take turns talking about their object.


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