Change management final management homework help

Change management final management homework help

Individual Project

Putting Together Change Mgmt.

Wed, 5/10/17




See details below with a minimum of 8 scholarly references

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Assignment Details

Assignment Description

Key Assignment Final Draft

The key assignment final draft should include a comprehensive transformational change management plan

Transformational Change Management Plan

    Submit your finalized Plan components I-IV.

    Create the following new material for Week 5:

    • Week 5: Implementation Plan (400-600 words)
      Include the following context in the implementation plan:
      1. Major implementation steps
      2. Key criteria for success
      3. Summary of Weeks 1-5
      4. Rollout: Any risk considerations to the implementation

    The completed document with content should be finalized in terms of grammar, formatting, references, all necessary sections, flow, and complete content.

    Please submit your assignment.

    For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.