Beyond Equality towards Equity Justice and Fairness writing homework help

Beyond Equality towards Equity Justice and Fairness writing homework help

To help you develop an understanding of four specific challenges to research equity. With that goal in mind, you studied the influence of general power dynamics on the research process; developed a sense of the ways power relations affect children as research participants; contemplated the implications of the deficit model on the research design process, and learned about ways homogeneity can bias research results.

Take time to reflect on your learning process this week: Were there any ideas about equity, social justice, and/or fairness in research that moved you in specific ways? Did the readings generate new questions and/or insights? In what ways can you make connections between issues of research equity and the field of early childhood?

A brief summary of the one equity challenge with which you were most unfamiliar or which interests you most

An evaluation of ways this specific challenge, if disregarded, might affect research in the early childhood field

A brief professional/personal assessment of the notion that with regard to early childhood research, aiming for equity, defined as justice and fairness, is more desirable than aiming for equality alone

Please refer to the Article attached


Fargas-Malet, M., McSherry, D., Larkin, M., & Robinson, C. (2010). Research with children: Methodological issues and innovative techniques. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 8(2), 175–192