argumentative essay

argumentative essay

Argumentative Essay Guidelines

Prior to completing the final argumentative research paper, students will write an initial argumentative essay to gain familiarity with the structure of argument. This argumentative essay will focus on issues related to your daily life (academic requirements, working conditions, road conditions, etc.). Avoid broad topics such as the death penalty, abortion, and global warming. Select narrow topics that one can easily manage in a five-page paper.

In the introductory paragraphs of this paper, present the ongoing conversation related to your topic. Share representative views related to your topic. Next, present your arguable claim in the form of a well-defined thesis statement (highlighted with bold print). Include good reasons and evidence to support your reasons. To establishcommon ground and to convince readers of your trustworthiness, assume a reasonable tone throughout the paper. Respect opposing views.

In a separate paragraph, identify opposing views, naysayers, or counter arguments. Summarize counter arguments with objectivity and fairness. Dedicate adequate space and time to this important summary prior to refuting arguments. Restate your thesis statement in the conclusion.

Number and double-space each page. Use a font size no smaller than 12 and no larger than 14. Include two scholarly secondary sources and the appropriate MLA in-text source documentation conventions.

The draft and final paper should consist of five pages (including the Works Cited page).

See the Assignment Calendar for deadline dates.