answer 2 questions of 4 writing assignment

answer 2 questions of 4 writing assignment

what I’d like you to do is to answer either questions 1 or 2 AND either questions 3 or 4 below (so you’re answering a total of 2 questions). The questions are based on Lucille McCarthy “A Stranger in Strange Lands” and Penrose and Geisler’s “Reading and Writing without Authority.”

Each question should be about 180-200 words. Please use plenty of textual evidence to support your answers.

1. Reflecting back on Swales’ CARS model, please identify and explain one of these moves found in Christine Pearson Casanave’s “The Beginnings of Change.”

2. Casanave describes six “game strategies” that she believes successful writers practice in their classrooms. Please state, explain, and discuss two of these.

3. Penrose and Geisler point to a number of reasons that Roger wrote with more authority than Janet. What are these reasons?

4. The authors argue that the differences between Roger’s and Janet’s texts stem from a difference in their views of knowledge. They argue that Janet has been trained in an information-transfer model of knowledge while Roger sees “the development of knowledge as a communal and continual process” (also known as a constructivist model of knowledge). Explain these two views and discuss which people in your group relate to one more than the other.