Addiction psychology assignment help

Addiction psychology assignment help

Assignment 5

Step 1:

Go to this website and listen to the entire podcast:

After listening to the entire podcast, briefly (one paragraph) summarize, in your own words, the areas of the brain that are responsible for addiction and how a habitual gambler’s brain differs from a non-habitual gambler’s brain.

Warning, do not attempt to go to the casinos and win at blackjack based on the strategies you’ve learned. It takes A LOT of practice.

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This assignment is worth 100 points

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You will be graded on your ability to follow directions

The correctness of your answers.

Grammar, punctuation, and writing level. See grading criteria on the outside of the Assignment folder

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1) Ability to follow assignment directions

2) Demonstrate college, academic-level writing skills, including, but not limited to, alignment to assignment, grammar, spelling, and structure. No opinions are allowed, each statement of fact and/or example MUST be substantiated with a credible source.

3) Each writing assignment should not be less than 500 words. No one-word or one sentence answers accepted. Everything is structured in paragraph format, no outlines, or bullet points accepted. Questions should be answered as follows: Paragraph form paraphrasing both the question and the answer in each response.

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