2023 I have a lenthy assignment due but I have an identical assignment

Psychology 2023 Final Project
2023 I have a lenthy assignment due but I have an identical assignment

I have a lenthy assignment due, but I have an identical assignment that has already been submitted to the class by my dear friend, and she received a pretty good grade for it.  So, feel free to pull from it, just do not copy directly becuase I need to get it through the plagerism checker.  So ideally, looking at 10 pages that need re-written in a master’s level.  The work is done, so just put it all together and avoid direct plagerism.


Please find the attached:

Assignment-Already started 10 pages of it

Assignment from someone else to review

Additional assignment previously completed to aid in formation of the new overall creation.

Project Template 


Looks easy, well I failed this class before due to a professor on here, so I am repeating the same assignment….


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